Updating Business Zones

With a lack of funds, it is often difficult for city leaders to revitalize many neighborhoods. Rather than planning to remake entire neighborhoods, they often choose just a few blocks for revitalization. Their plans could include making it easier for small businesses to move into an area, and they might work to attract people interested in opening small restaurants, unique retail shops and other entertainment venues. Their plan is to create a welcome atmosphere for these businesses, and their hope is that growth within the area will take place naturally.

Road improvement is often the best way to begin this type of revitalization project, and it can include fixing sidewalks and adding more traffic lights and crosswalks. Many areas are already zoned for small businesses, but many of the shops could be empty due to high rents or low prospect of sales. Giving small business owners incentives is often done through reduced taxes. Governments have found that a few years of tax reduction will help small businesses prosper, and it will turn a neighborhood around.

Getting new businesses into an area helps draw people from the outside to come and spend their money, and they might find they are interested in living in the area. When they invest in a home, many of them will begin to remodel the older homes available. Their projects will begin changing the character of the area, and they can help current residents take a new look at their own homes. Even doing small projects such as cleaning up yards or painting buildings will make a huge difference.

Revitalizing an old neighborhood can be costly if it is done by the city, so many of them find the least expensive way to begin the process. Creating a small business zone is often their best bet, and they then leave it up to small business owners and new residents to complete the process of change.