Revitalising Urban Neighbourhoods

Creating Traffic Lanes


There are many urban areas where grid lock has become an unpleasant part of life, so creating traffic lanes to handle the load can become a major renovation for an area. Those who live and work locally are often in favor of this type of project, but they tend to object if the government is going to take part of their land to make it a reality. Busy streets are good for business, but they are bad if the traffic does not move. Balancing the need for more lanes with the viability of businesses and homes along the way can be difficult.

Adding lanes to existing roads has been one of the unpleasant tasks of many urban governments as their city expands, and it has been made more difficult by the lack of planning in the past. Many businesses and homes were built up against the existing roadways, and some of them will need to be removed for this type of project. Residents being forced out of their homes can become a reality, and businesses being shut down can raise unemployment in the local area until they find another place to open.

It might seem to cause more trouble than it is worth to expand local roads, but these are projects that need to be done if traffic is to continue moving. For those using the roads, the project can create chaos as detours become a way of life until the new roads are completed. Other neighborhoods will suffer as traffic is routed through them, so their only consolation is that the traffic will eventually go back to its normal routes once the work is complete.

Urban expansion has often been difficult to accommodate, and many cities now plan with an eye to future traffic needs. It might not completely stop the road expansions, but it keeps them to a minimum the locals can live with in the future.